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GloboDent Sonic Electric Toothbrush
GloboDent Sonic Electric Toothbrush

GloboDent Sonic Electric Toothbrush


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The GloboDent Sonic Electric Toothbrush has been carefully designed to offer you and your family a new and unique brushing experience, which is both safe and effective.  From our specially engineered bristles for optimal tooth coverage, to our sonically-vibrating brush heads designed to remove plaque even from the more difficult to reach areas, you are guaranteed to experience an absolute brushing experience.

GloboDent´s Sonic Electric Toothbrush is designed to work in five different brushing modes.

  1. Clean
    The ultimate in plaque removal (standard mode)

  2. Sensitive
    Extra gentle mode for sensitive teeth and gums

  3. Massage
    Massage both teeth and gums softly in low frequency

  4. Whiten
    Whitening mode of two minutes to remove surface stains

  5. Polish
    One minute to brighten and polish your front teeth.

It also unique features like:

  • 30 seconds smart area reminder

  • 2 minute intelligent timer

  • IPX7 water proof design

  • Charger with indicator light