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BlanCrisp Toothpaste (3 for $25)
BlanCrisp Toothpaste (3 for $25)

BlanCrisp Toothpaste (3 for $25)


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BlanCrisp Toothpaste buy 3 for $25 plus free shipping. (Standard price is $9.99/ea.) 

BlanCrisp Whitening Toothpaste

Discoloration on the surface of the teeth is mainly caused by dental plaque.  Dental plaque is mainly made up of organic and inorganic materials derived from saliva and bacterial products, as well as food debris left by substances such as red pasta, coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco products.  The BlanCrisp Whitening Toothpaste gently removes these stains, bringing teeth back to their natural white color without damaging the enamel.  Plus, with our Tea Tree Oil Formula the BlanCrisp will help to prevent growth of bacteria known to cause plaque, tartar, bad breath, and tooth decay.  The BlanCrisp Whitening Toothpaste with Tea Tree Oil is your complete solution for shiny, white, healthy teeth.

  • Whitens teeth naturally and removes stains
  • Contains tea tree oil to help fight plaque and reduces tartar build-up
  • Freshens breath
  • Strong teeth and healthy gums
  • Mint flavor